Hello — and to all who have loved, hated or at least appreciated the work Mike Matthews has done over the last 30+ years… he has work waiting for him in California. But FIRST, we need to get him out here! Please donate whatever you can, and that way – we can get him out here to continue his amazing story telling.


You can donate above, or purchase any of the items I’ll be listing for sale, including my own personal TV memorabilia and possibly even the dress I wore when I was Queen of The Knights of Jason (Mardi Gras krewe).

Just follow this post and I’ll keep you, well.. posted!

All I know is – he has saved my life during the past couple of years, and now, it’s incumbent on me to return the favor.

Snobs vs Intellects vs Street Smarts


I guess when I think about it, my parents were very “stuck in the middle” just as I am now.

My Dad was born during the Great Depression and hated society girls, despite the fact he married one. My mother had her own clothes tailor-made and had her own nanny (as did her other six siblings). SHE taught me how to fight with my mind, HE taught me to fight with my fists.

The dichotomy is striking.

But what they had in common was a shared set of values: Never make a promise you cannot keep; if you incur debt, you pay it, no matter how long it takes; justice will take its course; and a handshake was as good as your word.

This upbringing prepared me for a wide array of personalities and lifestyles. Yet for so long, MY world hasn’t made any sense. But this is starting to change.

It Brings Out My Inner Karen #Karen


This does it – it really angers me to know the greatest sometimes don’t get the credit, while those …



Okay – Tough Day, Part Two.

This is an odd aside, but the front door of my place is locked shut because the lock broke in the door, so I have to shuffle to the back gate to answer the door or accept packages.  On the way, my knee buckled again (I’ve been injured since my Dad’s funeral nearly a year ago – but can’t go to the hospital because people are dying of Covid-19), and this time, I bit it.

Flew across chairs and toppled dishes, good, electronics, about 27 remote controls and the rest as I attempted to break my fall, and ended up with this raging hematoma on my shin.

So now, of course, I can’t walk the dog.  I get a walker to come by and get here, while I hobble around.  Then, as I’m trying to re-arrange the newly cleaned “dog” blanket on the bed, she mistakes my cue and jumps up before I’m ready, with her newly clipped nails using my arm as a “leg-up” to the bed.  Her nail slices right down the length of my arm, like I was being cut open for an experiment:

NOT fake blood — real blood.

(BTW – I have to take a break.. back to that vasovagal response — I need to step away because I’m feeling queasy just remembering it)

Okay – so I’m practically fainting as I look for something to clean up this gaping wound.. I’m pouring rubbing alcohol all over it, then try to tape the wound shut so I wouldn’t need stitches.  So now I have to watch for an infection to see if I need anti-biotics or a tetanus shot or what.

At this point, I’m starving, as I (obviously) haven’t been cooking.  So I place an order through Doordash, and just as my order is supposed to arrive, it gets canceled!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  I’m bruised, battered, fainting, bleeding and really, REALLY hungry.

So in short, I had a pretty bad day yesterday.  But at least it’s around Halloween time, so my horrifying-scar on my arm and the knee wrap and pirate-like limp will fall in line.

I mean, let’s face it.  It’s par for the course nowadays.  At least I have a roof over my head and a sense of humor about how ridiculous the world seems nowadays.

Remind me sometime to tell you about The Adventures of Frankenfinger.  Now THAT’S a disgusting story!

Karen Carlson blog: I Had A Tough Day Yesterday. (VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED)


I have to admit, yesterday was a rough one.

First, if you have a strong vasovagal response, as in, you see blood and suddenly feel the need to faint, then I warn you, the pictures I’m about to show you are NOT APPROPRIATE for you to view.

Just so you have enough time to click away, let me first show you my backyard.  I’ve been cultivating a wide variety of plants, including a couple of really cool ones I’ll describe later.

But oddly, when I looked outside at the plants, I was suddenly freaked out by this:

I can hear the music now:  I always feel like somebody’s watching me.. a’la Michael Jackson.  But this freaked me out.

So this mantis was here a few days ago, then left, then suddenly returned with its beady little eyes focused straight on me!

Okay.  Those who are freaked out have definitely had enough time to leave this blog.  And so here comes the gruesome stuff.. which I should probably put on the next page, just to make sure I don’t get yelled at.  (PAGE 2)