Arbonne Review: RE9 Anti-Aging Skincare


What can I say?  As soon as I tried Arbonne’s RE9 anti-aging skincare line, I was hooked.

I know this sounds insane, but I – literally – could tell the difference the next day.

At first I was annoyed at the thought of having to use 5 products on my face – wouldn’t a makeup wipe suffice?  Maybe it would have in my 20s, but not in my 40s.  I’ve always had a young look – but not necessarily young skin.  And working in TV when I had to wear a ton of makeup everyday was absolutely torture on my pores.

I used to use MAC’s NC35 StudioFix.  That’s the makeup that comes in the compact that is both foundation and powder in one.  It automatically changes your face when you put it on, and it looks great on TV, especially in standard definition (not as much, I’ve found, in HD), however, after a while I noticed that my skin had changed.  When I looked at my face, especially around the front of my cheeks, my pores were bigger.  When I was at the makeup counter at Nordstrom, I was told by someone at another makeup line that MAC stretches out your pores.  Okay.  Evidence enough for me.

The RE9 does an amazing job of rejuvenating your skin’s firmness.  And although 5 steps seems like a lot, it’s not as bad as you think.

Step 1:  Cleanser.  The cleanser is a creme cleanser that does a great job of washing your face without grains, grit or any sort of stinging sensation.  It also has a subtle, citrusy scent which is nice.

Step 2:  Toner.  This is great because you just spray on.  I don’t know if it’s the toner, or the fact I’m spraying myself in the face, but either way, I tend to perk up after application.

Step 3:  Serum.  I think this is the key to Arbonne Awesomeness.  The RE9 serum really makes your face, well, supple.  Restores firmness to the skin and just kind of smooths it.  If someone asked me what is the one thing in this line you need, I would probably say this.  It really is amazing, and I’ve used Lancome, Christian Dior, Elizabeth Arden and Estee’ Lauder.  The only product I think compares is Prescriptives Super Line Preventor X-treme (which is owned by Estee’ Lauder), but I don’t like the smell of it, and it’s $80.

Step 4:  Eye Cream.  This eye cream has won a lot of awards, but for me, it’s only okay.  I always feel like I need more de-puffing in the eye area.  I’m not sure if it’s supposed to de-puff or not, but I will say, it does smooth the eye area and make it better prepared for concealer.

Step 5a:  Day Cream.  This is an SPF protectant cream that has also won awards.  It is fine, though I think there may be better creams out there.  But as I sit here writing this, I’m not sure which ones are better.  Maybe it’s better than I think… or maybe it just pales in comparison to:

Step 5b:  Night Cream.  Wow!  This stuff is amazing.  After you have this on your face, you want to run around and tell people – “Hey, feel my face!  Isn’t it so soft!?”  This night cream makes me feel like I’ve just had a $150 facial at a fancy spa.  It smells wonderful (a little citrusy, but not too much), it feels wonderful and I just can’t say enough great things about it.  It’s on my “must haves” list.  The only thing for me is I’m a little oily t-zone, so I don’t put it on my forehead, since that’s where I tend to break out.

Overall, I would put the Arbonne RE9 kit up there with La Prairie, but without the hefty price tag.  If you’re happy with your skincare, it’s difficult to want to change it.  But if, like me, you weren’t completely satisfied, you should give it a try.

I liked it so much I invested in the company (and am now an Arbonne consultant).  See my website HERE:  I make a commission from what you purchase through this link.

Other items I really like in the product line are:  the liquid eyeliner, the makeup primer, eye makeup remover, FC5 hand cream and the It’s A Long Story mascara.