Coronavirus Update: Why We Need to Call It Coronavirus or Covid-19


So while I have been following events re:  #Coronavirus around the world, I have found an alarming number of #HateCrimes against those of #Asian descent.

I made my argument in a recent Instagram Post.. (

First, in full disclosure, in case you didn’t get past the Instagram post, is that my mother is a Japanese citizen (NOT Japanese-American, but still a citizen) and my father was a US Marine and worked for the State Department for nearly a decade.

He fought AGAINST communism during the Conflict in Korea.  And if anyone has a reason to be infuriated, it’s me, as my daughter and I were likely exposed.

Do I think the CHINESE COMMUNIST GOVERNMENT did the wrong thing in not reporting this? OF COURSE I DO, just like other Americans such as myself, who happen to have slim eyes.

BUT – even if you still want to call it #ChineseVirus, then let’s show why that’s probably not a good idea if you want to get over this #HealthCrisis.

First, according to data from the U.S. Census Department, as compiled by Data USA, 1 in 5 doctors in the United States are of Asian descent.

And what about nurses, healthcare workers, delivery drivers and the rest?  It would be like punching an African American person for Ebola – even though they’ve never been to the country of their racial origin and they had NOTHING to do with.  Would that be fair?  Here is the latest report of harassment in a very Asian-American community:

This link here shows kids harassing Vietnamese classmates: (I wanted to show you the video, but the TV station link isn’t working, so I went directly to the source)

My father passed recently, but I remember the scene very clearly.  As a child, when we were on a trip to Mount Rushmore, a shop keeper didn’t want to sell my mom food because of her race.  My Dad was gassing up the car at the time when my mom came out crying.

That’s when my dad took her back into the store, and stood right by her side while she purchased the food.  My dad was prepared for administering a serious beat-down.  He said nothing;  just stood there by her side and stared at the owner.

In short, my mom got the food.

So, if you beat up or attempt to hurt 20% of our doctors in the U.S., then how is that helping the crisis?  We’re already struggling as it is.

San Gabriel Valley Gun Sales Soar Among Asian Americans Who Fear Coronavirus-Related Attacks

I’m even okay with #WuhanFlu — or the Communist Cover Up — whatever.  But don’t blame everyone with slim eyes like mine.  Because let me tell you, if you do.. don’t forget, I’m half Samurai and half Viking, and I have been known to administer a few beat-downs myself.  #SamuariSwede