Karen Carlson blog: I Had A Tough Day Yesterday. (VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED)


I have to admit, yesterday was a rough one.

First, if you have a strong vasovagal response, as in, you see blood and suddenly feel the need to faint, then I warn you, the pictures I’m about to show you are NOT APPROPRIATE for you to view.

Just so you have enough time to click away, let me first show you my backyard.  I’ve been cultivating a wide variety of plants, including a couple of really cool ones I’ll describe later.

But oddly, when I looked outside at the plants, I was suddenly freaked out by this:

I can hear the music now:  I always feel like somebody’s watching me.. a’la Michael Jackson.  But this freaked me out.

So this mantis was here a few days ago, then left, then suddenly returned with its beady little eyes focused straight on me!

Okay.  Those who are freaked out have definitely had enough time to leave this blog.  And so here comes the gruesome stuff.. which I should probably put on the next page, just to make sure I don’t get yelled at.  (PAGE 2)