Early Morning Poll: Insomnia

Advertisements My Dad and I are super-close because I have always had problems with insomnia.  He has always been a night owl and was always the one I would talk to, since he was always working late at his home-based publishing company. So I know what you’re going through if you’re reading this at 3Continue reading “Early Morning Poll: Insomnia”

One of my favorite KABC stories – printed in the Los Angeles Times

After hearing reports of the deputy’s actions on television, however, neighbors told KABC reporter Karen Carlson that the deputy was making it all up.

Sheriff’s officials would not say exactly what prompted them to launch an investigation. But KABC News Director Cheryl Fair said Carlson became suspicious about the differing versions of the rescue and called the Sheriff’s Department the day after the fire to ask more questions about Martinez’s account.

CHOPPED SALAD!! A lesson in horrible customer service.

Advertisements CHOPPED SALAD!! I often like to blog when I find funny circumstances in public places.  Take for example, my lunch today. There were four of us at a popular downtown restaurant.  The three women ordered salads.  We were deep in conversation about ways to help with a charity we’re working on when a waitressContinue reading “CHOPPED SALAD!! A lesson in horrible customer service.”

I knew it was early, but this is ridiculous.

Imagine my surprise when I was wide awake at – you guessed it, 2am! I suppose I can get a lot of work done now that I’m somewhat alert.

Another year, so now what?

Advertisements I’m trying to figure out what to write about on this New Year’s Day.  The natural assumption is to write about resolutions, but I think “goals” are a better way to go.  I’m going to take a friend’s advice and look at personal, professional and financial.  I’m going to need to sit in myContinue reading “Another year, so now what?”