What I look for in a writer: Karen Carlson blog

Advertisements Over the years, I’ve been referred to as the “Grammar Police,” or the “Grumpy Grammar Girl,” but that’s just fine by me. As journalists, 90% of our job is writing.  It solidifies the facts and sets the tone of the story.  It provides credibility that we know what we’re talking about and that weContinue reading “What I look for in a writer: Karen Carlson blog”

Early Morning Poll: Insomnia

Advertisements My Dad and I are super-close because I have always had problems with insomnia.  He has always been a night owl and was always the one I would talk to, since he was always working late at his home-based publishing company. So I know what you’re going through if you’re reading this at 3Continue reading “Early Morning Poll: Insomnia”

CHOPPED SALAD!! A lesson in horrible customer service.

Advertisements CHOPPED SALAD!! I often like to blog when I find funny circumstances in public places.  Take for example, my lunch today. There were four of us at a popular downtown restaurant.  The three women ordered salads.  We were deep in conversation about ways to help with a charity we’re working on when a waitressContinue reading “CHOPPED SALAD!! A lesson in horrible customer service.”