Snobs vs Intellects vs Street Smarts


I guess when I think about it, my parents were very “stuck in the middle” just as I am now.

My Dad was born during the Great Depression and hated society girls, despite the fact he married one. My mother had her own clothes tailor-made and had her own nanny (as did her other six siblings). SHE taught me how to fight with my mind, HE taught me to fight with my fists.

The dichotomy is striking.

But what they had in common was a shared set of values: Never make a promise you cannot keep; if you incur debt, you pay it, no matter how long it takes; justice will take its course; and a handshake was as good as your word.

This upbringing prepared me for a wide array of personalities and lifestyles. Yet for so long, MY world hasn’t made any sense. But this is starting to change.