Why “Chinese Virus” Upsets Some, and Why the GOP Should Care.

My father, a USMC Veteran who fought against the communists in the Conflict in Korea, worked for the State Department for nearly a decade after that. ┬áIt just so happened along the way, he fell in love with my Japanese mother while they were both working at the American Embassy in Tokyo. But instead ofContinue reading “Why “Chinese Virus” Upsets Some, and Why the GOP Should Care.”

One of my favorite KABC stories – printed in the Los Angeles Times

After hearing reports of the deputy’s actions on television, however, neighbors told KABC reporter Karen Carlson that the deputy was making it all up.

Sheriff’s officials would not say exactly what prompted them to launch an investigation. But KABC News Director Cheryl Fair said Carlson became suspicious about the differing versions of the rescue and called the Sheriff’s Department the day after the fire to ask more questions about Martinez’s account.