Was I the Target of a Hate Crime? I Sure Hate to Think So.


I can’t believe I actually have to put this in writing. But I might – just MIGHT – have been the target of a Hate Crime last night.

(follow this blog as I update the information as I go.)

In short, I was walking my dog with a friend when a maniacal driver tore up the street in a black SUV. We were already in the crosswalk but paused to make sure the driver slowed down at the stop sign so we could finish crossing safely.

As we were about three-quarters of the way across, the driver revved his engine. We both looked over in surprise – what was THEIR problem?

That’s when everything turned into slow motion.

I looked back as this huge car, which my friend said was an Escalade, started screeching its tires, honking wildly, and then hit the gas at full throttle. I saw my friend’s jacket swing as the vehicle nearly hit her, and saw my dog nearly get run over.