Why “Chinese Virus” Upsets Some, and Why the GOP Should Care.


My father, a USMC Veteran who fought against the communists in the Conflict in Korea, worked for the State Department for nearly a decade after that.  It just so happened along the way, he fell in love with my Japanese mother while they were both working at the American Embassy in Tokyo.

But instead of labeling the phraseology “Chinese Virus” as “racist,” let’s look at it pragmatically.

Historically, up to 80% of Asian Americans vote GOP and a lot are upset about “Chinese Virus” because they’re being – literally – physically attacked.  Gun shops are running out of ammunition in parts of Los Angeles County.  Now, if anyone has a right to be mad, it’s me.  Those Communists in China covered this up, which is one reason we’re in this situation… but I digress.   My only child was likely exposed.


There’s a real argument Communist China need to be punished severely by taking away their preferred trading partner status and charging them every dollar this is costing the American economy.

But, those in the Asian American communities are becoming concerned about the “semantics” of “Chinese Virus” — and many are suggesting this phraseology is going to turn a lot of GOP voters into Democrats.

I think most people would even be okay with “China’s Virus” or “Xi’s Virus” or whatever… or simply “Covid-19.”

Plus, keep in mind, the U.S. Census Bureau says approximately 20% of U.S. doctors are of Asian descent.  So, if everyone beats up all the Asian Americans, who’s going to take care of us during this health crisis?

Can we really afford losing everyone in this country of Asian descent?  What about nurses, other healthcare workers and delivery drivers?  Perhaps a simple change could make a world of difference, not just in the healthcare world and Asian American communities in the United States.. but could be a seismic shift in the world of politics.